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Book Reviews
Karen Wells E-mail
"I just finished reading Ex-Terminator- Life After Marriage. First let me say I could not put it down. I was trying to read slower to make it last. I was there at the meetings. I smelled the smells. I tasted the food. I felt the joy and the pain. I was in the hurricane. I walked alone with Ashley. I saw the diamond rings. I heard the marriage proposals. I was with Denise in the hospital. Girl I was all over. I can't wait to see who gets married etc. And…. Once again just like in Love So Deep you leave me HANGING !!! . I can't take it. I need a sequel. You are my new Dorothy West, Zora, J California Cooper, Diane McKinney Whetstone, Sista Souljah.  I MUST READ. Please do a sequel to this I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENNED. Ok I'm better now. Just another one of your passionate fans. By the way my husband and I were married for 5 years. Divorced of 11. Remarried for 17. We just love it. Keep writing. You are very talented, and I am waiting for the next book sequel or not. Karen Wells
Midwest Book Review E-mail
"Even though it can be a liberating event, divorce is never easy. "EX-Terminator: Life After Marriage" follows five friends as they try to move past their divorces while dealing with the feelings of wasted time, what could have been, and just general failure. Seeking strength in one another, they find more than they expected in this deftly written, emotional novel. "EX-Terminator: Life After Marriage" is a fine piece of urban fiction, highly recommended to community library collections catering to themMidwest Book Review
Marsha D. Jenkins-Sanders E-mail
"Déjà Vu is a well-crafted, thought-provoking, and suspenseful follow-up to Behind the Veil that has all the elements of an entertaining thriller – conspiracy, drama, mystery, and just a little sex and romance. This is an exquisitely written book with a fast-paced plot and intriguing twists. Suzetta Perkins’ excellent writing is precise and gripping as each chapter draws you in the next, relentlessly building to an unpredictable and satisfying conclusion. A literary standout, Déjà Vu should not be missedMarsha D. Jenkins-Sanders
Emily M. Dickens E-mail
"If the events in the final pages of “Behind the Veil” kept you wondering about the fate of the characters days after you finished the book then this sequel will answer all of your questions.  Perkins’ latest work ties up the loose ends in a jaw dropping, suspense-laden, and ultimately satisfying way.  You won’t be able to put it down.Emily M. Dickens
Publishers Weekly E-mail
"In this follow-up to Behind the Veil, Perkins continues the sordid, suspenseful tale of heroine Angelica Barnes. Five years after we last saw her, Angelica has just been released from prison, her reward for getting mixed up in ex-boyfriend Robert Santiago's illegal activities. Angelica returns to Fayetteville, N.C., but desperate for a change, moves to New York to stay with a distant cousin-in-law; before long, however, she runs into Santiago and finds not only that she can't escape her past, but that she's drawn her loved ones into a dangerous situation. An enjoyable, sexy thriller, this sequel doesn't require familiarity with the first volume to follow or enjoy. (Aug.) .Publishers Weekly, 6/15/2009
Doris Rose, reader E-mail
"A Love So Deep is a heart-warming love story between a man and a woman. It is a story of a friendship between two men. It is also a story about new and unexpected beginnings. The images are vivid, and I could feel the cold crisp morning, I smelled the Chivas at the Water Hole, I could feel the music at the church, and I could taste the meals Sis. Mary Ross prepared. You might forget what someone says, but you always remember how it made you feel. A wonderful read. .Doris Rose
Cornelia Floyd, Triangle Ebony Readers Book Club E-mail
"I loved this book. The characters are so alive that you can actually see and feel them. This story expresses what true love is to all when touched by the loss of a loved one as well as one that marks the beginning of a new life with someone else. Great job and highly recommended.Cornelia Floyd
Angela Reid, President, Imani Literary Group E-mail
"Suzetta did not fall victim to the sophomore slump when she penned her latest novel A Love So Deep. Set mostly in Oakland, California, she introduces her readers to an array of colorful characters with serious issues: grief, betrayal, obsession, jealousy, trust, truly testing the healing power of faith and prayer!Angela Reid
Jacquelin Thomas, best-selling author E-mail
"Ms. Perkins' debut novel BEHIND THE VEIL was a riveting story that kept readers turning the pages. She returns with A LOVE SO DEEP. The engrossing storyline and well-drawn characters are sure to be another winner." Jacquelin Thomas
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