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Tis the turkey season. Gobble, gobble E-mail
Friday, 19 November 2010
It's been awhile since I've updated my blog.  Please forgive me.  It's been a rough year, but God has seen me through.  I lost my husband during the summer and it threw me for a loop.  I continued with my book signings which helped me to manage my grief, but you never really get over it.

I have continued to write.  Some have asked if I will write about my experience in losing a loved one.  I'm not ready to do that, although there were a few funny things that happened that would constitute a full-blown novel.  Having said that, I will release my sixth novel entitled Betrayed next summer, so be looking for the announcements.

I'm presently working on the third installment to EX-Terminator and Behind the Veil.  I've never undertaken the task of writing two novels at the same time, but when you know your characters, it's easy to do, so long as you have a good story to back them up.  And I'm sure you're going to love them both. 

I have a few copies of Déjà vu that I'm going to give away.  The first five persons who read this blog and respond to me by email (use the CONTACT ME button to email me), I will send them a copy of Déjà vu.  I love contests.  I will post the names of the winner on my next blog.

Happy reading  and happy writing to all who have a story to tell.  Don't eat too much turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Summer is Here! E-mail
Friday, 18 June 2010
Whew summer is here.  North Carolina, which is where I live, has been hot, hot, and hot.  That's how I like my summer, hot, and hot.  Yes, they have to sizzle and keep me turning the pages.

While I'm partial to my own books, I do have a collection of books that I've slated for my summer reads.   They are Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva by Victoria Rowell, Samson by Jacquelin Thomas, and Reverend Feelgood by Lutisha Lovely.  Now that has to be good.  Whew.

I've just completed my sixth novel, Betrayed, due to come out next year.  I'll tell you more about it in my next blog.  I'm still on the road promoting Nothing Stays the Same the sequel to EX-Terminator.  It's going well.  I want to send a shout out to Debbie and Thal in Charlotte, North Carolina for hosting a sign and dine for me which was fantastic  and a shout out to Nancy Durant and Cherry who showed me so much love while I was promoting my books in Miami.  Nancy was also the host for a book discussion.  Thank you.

Don't forget that Sunday, June 20th is Father's Day.  You may want to get him a good book-my father loves mine.  In any event, I salute all fathers.

Contest winners and answer to a "Novel" Question E-mail
Tuesday, 27 April 2010
I love contests!  Yesterday evening, I put a notice on Facebook that the first five people who contacted me would receive a copy of my newly released novel, Nothing Stays the Same.  And indeed, there were five lucky winners.  Congratulations to...DRUMROLL...

Gilda Harris of Fayetteville, North Carolina
Adrienne Dortche of New Haven, Connecticut
Carolyn Johnson of Fayetteville, North Carolina
Marilyn Harris of Virginia Beach, VA
Gloria Grimsley Nious  of Hope Mills, North Carolina
I received a wonderful email from a new reader who perused my website who asked me to let the readers know which of my books belonged together so she could read them in order.  I thought that was a very fair question, which I'd like to address.

Behind the Veil is my first novel and its sequel is Déjà vu.  My second novel, A Love So Deep stands alone.  My newly released novel, Nothing Stays the Same is the sequel to my third novel, EX-Terminator, Life After Marriage. 

They are all good in my estimation.  Excerpts are furnished for each book if you'd like a glimpse into the suspense that lies within the pages of my five novels.  For those who've read any one of my books, tell me who is your favorite character.

Happy Tuesday.  

Spring is in the air! E-mail
Tuesday, 13 April 2010
Spring is in the air, and I'm still excited about my recently released novel, Nothing Stays the Same.  It's out of the starting gate and has been very receptive and is now in its second printing.  Thank you readers for embracing my work and giving me the incentive to keep my pen moving!  

One of the exciting things about writing a story for others to read is the feedback.  It is so important because it lets me know what readers think and is a gauge on what I do in the future.  I've received letters, emails, and hand-delivered sheets of paper about what needs to show up in my sequels to Déjà vu and Nothing Stays the Same.  I had gotten that far yet, but if my readers tell me they want a sequel, guess what?  I give them what they want.  And for those of you who've read my work, you can do so as well by sending me an email through my website or post a review on Amazon or your favorite book seller's site.

What's coming up in the future?  I have a sixth book that I'm trying to complete and a ton of others that are rolling around in my head.  I just need to get somewhere and be still and let me fingers do the walking across my keypad.

Do me a favor and tell me which one of my books is your favorite.  Okay, that's it.  


My 5th Novel Hits the Bookshelves E-mail
Tuesday, 02 March 2010
Fabulous Tuesday!  My new novel, Nothing Stays the Same, is in stores today.  My routine on release day is to cruise over to the local book stores in my local community to see if my book is on the shelf.  Then snap, snap.  I record the find with my Sony digital camera.  The release of a new book is like birthing a baby except you don't have to stay in the hospital for a few days or purchase an expensive car seat for the baby to ride in on the way home.  But nursing your baby?  Yes, promotion is key for my book's health.  And it's because of you, the readers, that I'm able to keep my baby healthy.

I'm excited about Nothing Stays the Same, my fifth novel the sequel to EX-Terminator, Life After Marriage.  I had so much fun writing it.  The crazy characters from EX-Terminator are on a new mission-to help Marvin Thomas save his company as well as his marriage.  You may have experienced a time in your life when you've fallen into a rough spot, and instead of getting up, moving ahead, you carved a larger hole for yourself by making one bad choice after another.  Maybe Marvin Thomas will be able to overcome with a host of wonderful friends surrounding him.

I appreciate your continued support.  Thank you, thank you, and thank you.   

Happy New Year E-mail
Friday, 08 January 2010
Happy New Year.  Wow, a lot of time has elapsed since I sat down to write a note on my blog.  I want you all to know that I've not been sitting by idol.  Besides working at my full time job Monday through Friday, I've been on the road just about every weekend promoting Déjà vu.  My last signings for the year were in Richmond and Chesapeake, Virginia.

In October, I hosted my book release party for Déjà vu.  It was a fabulous occasion from the wonderful speeches, the giveaways, the wonderful gifts I received, to the scrumptious cuisine.  Even the main character, Angelica Barnes, had the nerve to show up telling the audience that the author, me, was responsible for all of her troubles.  The highlight of the evening was the dance interpretation to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal by my son and his significant other.  Visualize Angelica doing her pole dance.  Oops, someone hasn't read the story yet, but you'll understand when you do.

On the horizon, Nothing Stays the Same comes out in March.  I'm excited as the zany characters from EX-Terminator reappear with a brand new storyline.

So, if you've got a story to tell, put it down, put it down on a piece of paper.  The more you put down, the possibility of it becoming a full-fledged manuscript is real.  Don't forget that the library is a good source for reference material for the stories you write whether they're fiction or non-fiction.  And for the readers thank you for loving us enough to take those few dollars of your disposable income to read a good book.  The authors thank you; I thank you.
A Note from the Road E-mail
Thursday, 17 September 2009
I’ve been on the road promoting my book for the last four weeks. Déjà vu is in stores and doing well. Publishers Weekly says that Déjà vu is a “sexy thriller” and I promise you that it lives up to the expectations that made you love Behind the Veil . A hearty thank you to all who purchased Déjà vu. I send a special thanks to those of you who’ve been a continuous blessing on my journey.

I will be in Chesapeake, Virginia, this weekend, September 19th, at Greenbriar Mall, signing copies of Deja vu. See my schedule for possible signings in your area. I would love to come to and share with your bookclub. If you’re interested in hosting me, you can reach me at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

I’ve also been a recent guest on two blog radio shows – The first, “Off the Pages” podcast with LaTricia Smith and Jackie Thomas. You can listen to the show by going to my homepage and selecting the icon. And if you’re an author and would like to participate on the show, you may reach LaTricia and Jackie at . They also own an online bookstore and you can patronize them at . Déjà vu is book of the month.

I was also the guest of Dr. Maxine Thompson, my literary agent, on her live internet radio show, ArtistFirst. Maxine is a wonderful friend and agent. Maxine’s show provides sponsorship for entrepreneurs and the literary community.

Get in some good reading this weekend. And if you haven’t purchased your copy of Déjà vu yet, hurry down to the nearest book store or online at The Bookclub House or Blessings.
Deja Vu is on the Shelves E-mail
Wednesday, 26 August 2009
Déjà vu is finally on the shelves.  It was an exciting and emotional moment when I went into my local Books-A-Million and Barnes and Noble and saw Déjà vu on the shelves.

On dejavu_bookcoverrelease day, it is a ritual that I go from store with a friend to make sure my book is on the shelf.  And when it is, I take loads of pictures of my book sitting on the shelf, holding it, caressing it, making love to it.  Oops, lost my head.  What can I say?  It is an awesome feeling.  It's a better feeling when you tell someone that you're the author and you'll sign a copy of your book on the spot.  I'll write about that in my next blog.

This past Saturday was the first leg of my tour.  I was in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  Winston-Salem is two and half hours from my home.  Guess what?  My book wasn't in the store, but the store manager agreed to ship the book directly the customer's home if they wanted to purchase.  And I had a few who did that.  That's the perils of the publishing world.  However, a kind gentleman bought me a bottle of tea from Starbucks and a nice live plant.  It made my day.

Alright.  Now if you haven't purchased your copy of Déjà vu yet, what are you waiting for?  It's available wherever books are sold. Buy it Here
Be blessed, keep reading and writing.  

AUGUST 18TH IS the day! E-mail
Saturday, 08 August 2009
AUGUST 18TH IS the day!!!!!!  Eleven days until the release of my new novel, Déjà vu.  I'm thrilled and excited, and I know you will be too.  I received my preview copy in the mail a week ago, and I sat down and reread my own novel.  It was goooooooood.

Déjà vu is the exciting sequel to Behind the Veil, my first novel.  As the former mistress of a notorious crime boss, Angelica Barnes struggles to lead a normal life, but it seems that every avenue she takes is filled with pain, mayhem, and danger.  Angelica has just been released from prison after serving a five-year sentence for her involvement in illegal activities associated with boyfriend, Robert Santiago.  She is now a convicted felon and it hasn't been easy integrating back into society - that is until an offer she can't refuse takes her to New York City.  But in New York City, her past catches up with her and she becomes a prisoner of her former life.

Déjà vu is available for pre-order at and Barnes and  Tell all of your friends!!!  If you don't preorder, please go to your local book store on August 18th and purchase your copy or ask them to order it if it's not available.  First week's sales are critical.

Be blessed, keep reading and writing.  
The Loss of a Legend E-mail
Wednesday, 08 July 2009
I want to thank all of you who have joined the Click Clubnothingstaysfrt.  I have a special surprise for you - a peek at the cover of my 2010 novel entitled Nothing Stays the Same, which is the sequel to EX-Terminator.  In the following months, I will also have a newsletter that will provide monthly updates on my progress as well as updates about what I'm doing.

Whew!  So much has happened since I last spoke with you.  We've lost several notable entertainers, but none on the list has made an impact like Michael Jackson. 

At fifty years of age, we lost an icon - The King of Pop.  While I believe he was terribly misunderstood, he was also a genius.  His creative artistry in the world of music and music videos was second to none.  And many tried to imitate him.
He was loved the world over, crossing the boundaries of race and language over many continents.  Whether it was Smooth Criminal, Thriller, Billy Jean, Heal the World or Black and White, his music became entrenched in your soul.  Play one chord of his music and a shoulder arches and then the other in Michael Jackson-like fashion.  He will be missed.
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