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Suzetta Perkins and Pamela Smith founded the Sistahs Book Club in April 1999.  The group began with a membership of 10 women and today, 15 women make up the group.  Each month the women come together to share and discuss ideas, philosophy, and interpretations of the books chosen for reading.  The club reads a diverse group of authors with the main foci being African-American authors.  The types of books read cross a wide genre to include biographies, mysteries, social issues, conflict and crisis, to good sister-girlfriend novels.

Suzetta and Pam started the book club to bring positive people together who wanted to be part of a positive experience and enjoyed reading.  The book club is a place to let your hair down, express ideas and feelings freely, and bond together as sisters while increasing ones intellect and sharpening the mind. 

The Sistahs Book Club is involved in community service activities.  The club visits quarterly an adopted rest home to read, sing, and spread Sistahly love and warmth to the residents.   They also have participated in a 5K run/walk in support of the Rape Crisis Center of Fayetteville to helping victims of both hurricane Floyd and Katrina.

The Sistahs' motto is Knowledge and Empowerment."


Upcoming Book Tour Dates

August 12th, 2017 - Raeford, NC
Suzetta will be meeting her readers.

What the Readers are Saying

"Even though it can be a liberating event, divorce is never easy. "EX-Terminator: Life After Marriage" follows five friends as they try to move past their divorces while dealing with the feelings of wasted time, what could have been, and just general failure. Seeking strength in one another, they find more than they expected in this deftly written, emotional novel. "EX-Terminator: Life After Marriage" is a fine piece of urban fiction, highly recommended to community library collections catering to themMidwest Book Review

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 Suzetta recently was featured LIVE on the Off the Pages Podcast with co-hosts Latricia Smith & Jackie Thomas. Listen as Suzetta discusses her new book "Deja Vu"and talks about her career as an author.