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Sylvia St. James' husband told her she was fat and he did not want to be married to her anymore. He left and reunited with his ex-wife. After several months of nightmares about their final conversation, she began to make steps to heal and rejoice in her newly single status. Sylvia gathered together several other divorced women to form a support group. In Suzetta Perkins' third novel, EX-terminator, Life After Marriage, the women learn things about themselves and each other. Through trials and tribulations, joy and sorrow, and for better or worse, the members of the Ex-Files support group find that life does indeed go on after divorce.

The original members of the Ex-Files are Sylvia, Claudette, Ashley, Mona, Rachel and the lone male, Marvin. Claudette, a hair stylist and a business owner, has been divorced from her husband for several years. She needs the support of the group when a horrible accident affects her business. Ashley is the lone Caucasian in the group. Her marriage is over and she is preparing to raise her unborn child alone with the group's support, that is until her controlling ex returns. Mona was only married for two years to a man who was only using her for a green card. Her hasty marriage to this man caused her to be estranged from her parents. Mona is going home to make amends even though Hurricane Katrina is baring down on New Orleans. Rachel is newly divorced from husband number three and is quite surprised when prospective husband number four appears, but her insecurities may cause the man to return to the arms of his ex-wife. Marvin, is also an ex, and that status alone meets the requirements to be a member of the group. He needs support too. And so the lone male is inducted to the group and brings his own masculine drama.

As with any group of women, there is drama. Ms Perkins does not disappoint, because the women of the Ex-Files bicker about everything. Each is very opinionated and not afraid to tell what they think of each others actions. Through all the bickering, they remain very close friends. Apologies are made and accepted, then they move on. When needed, these women will drop everything to support each other during trying times. As the Ex-Files expands, some new members are welcomed with open arms and others force their way in, but they all get what they come for and that is support and friendships. Reading how the group comes togerher to support each other in their darkest moments will remind you that there is some good in everyone. Prayer, love and understanding can be just what the doctor ordered.

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