Tornados bring devastation, & inspiration E-mail
In my last blog, I wrote about where some of the stories we write originate.  I stated that many of our stories are written based on personal experiences.  Last week proved to be one that was filled with experiences that I don't wish to visit again. 

News reports from all over the nation recorded the catastrophic events of the storms that spun hundreds of tornados that danced across the nation, leaving death and destruction everywhere.  North Carolina, which is where I live, suffered the same as sixteen counties took a blatant beating from the storm's wrath. 

As I watched the sky blacken and the severe thunderstorm  approach our city, as well as heard the emergency siren on television that indicated that the storm was upon us two Saturday's ago, I couldn't fathom the devastation it would cause.  It happened so quickly, only for the sun to shine brightly once it had passed over. 

I was one of the fortunate ones...blessed ones... as neighborhood after neighborhood were destroyed or nearly destroyed.  The tornado that touched down in my city blazed a trail all around my neighborhood, leaving us unscathed while some of my friends weren't so lucky.  I ventured out the next day to Raleigh, North, by way of Interstate 95, and saw some of the devastation-a whole community wiped out, the evidence strewn  over a two or three mile radius.  Trees were uprooted and many lay on top of houses, slicing through the middle like a super huge meat cleaver.

I've lived through several hurricanes, but even then, I can't say that that experience was like this one.   I'm sure this experience will find its way into one of my stories.  I have vivid memories-memories I won't likely forget anytime soon. 


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