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Betrayed is available in stores E-mail
Betrayed is now in stores nationwide.  Yes, it blossomed from its cocoon last Tuesday.  I'm very excited about this book, especially with the wonderful feedback I've received already.  This past weekend, I attended the Baltimore Book Festival, and I must say I sold all but three copies.

What's on the horizon?  My next novel, At the End of the Day, is slated to come out May 2012.  You'll see the reappearance of your favorite characters from EX-Terminator and Nothing Stays the Same.  But as always, drama unfolds right in the beginning and sets the tone for the rest of the story.  Hint?  If you remember Denise, Marvin Thomas' ex-wife, well she's getting married to Marvin's cousin, Harold.  Tune in because you'll certainly have a front row seat at the wedding.

Speaking of books, the e-book market has taken over.  Three book stores in my local community have shut down in the past two years.  It's heart wrenching to see because I love making contact with my readers.  I must admit I own a Kindle, however, there is still the thrill of holding a book in my hand and caressing each page as a story unfolds.  I love to look at covers and in some way, I'm more in touch with the author when I'm holding a book.  However, it's up to the reader, and whether they go into a store to purchase or download my book on their e-reader, I'm very appreciative.

Happy reading!


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