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Thanks once again Ebony Triangle Readers E-mail
Book discussions are an author's dream.  Not only does it allow the author to connect to the reader, the author is awarded with the knowledge of how the reader interprets their work, how much they did or didn't enjoy your novel, and in what ways your story may have impacted them.

I had the pleasure of meeting with the Triangle Ebony Readers Book Club in Raleigh, North Carolina on last evening to discuss my latest novel, Betrayed.  The group of ladies that had gathered was joined by another club member via telephone.  The discussion was off the chain as we explored the mindset and motives of individual characters and the surprising twists and turns in the story that the readers hadn't anticipated.  The questions were profound and thought provoking, and it always makes my heart glad when I hear readers say they enjoyed the novel and wished the sequel was following close behind.

Speaking of sequels, I had no real plans of doing one for this novel, but as the ladies were shooting off ideas for a sequel, I was feverishly writing on my iPad some of the wonderful ideas that were entertained.  Some of the ideas were sentiments of other readers who've read Betrayed, and it was remarkable to note how similar these ideas were.

Well, before that sequel comes out, I'm anticipating the release of my seventh novel, At the End of the Day in 2012, which is the third novel in the EX-Terminator series.  I'm also close to finishing another manuscript, which will be a sequel in the Behind the Veil series.  But I've got to get a move on so I can keep my readers happy.

Thank you again Ebony Triangle Readers!


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