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Happy New Year Blog E-mail
Happy New Year!  Wow, another year has passed and a new one has unfolded.  I'm looking forward to this being a phenomenal year because I have peace of mind and my goals aren't contingent upon resolutions I never seem to achieve.  I'm committed to being a better person, a better friend, and a better me.

I was fortunate to be surrounded by family this Christmas.  It was a blessing to have my daughter and her family as well as my son with me as we celebrated Christ's birth.  Although I had a full house, it was exciting to watch my granddaughters interact with each other, help me in the kitchen when it was time to prepare a meal, especially Christmas dinner.  It reminded me of when my now grown-up children were at home and all the noise and energy that surrounded our everyday activities were so common place.

My granddaughters have grown and I marvel at how keen and knowledgeable they are at their age, which I'm sure is due to the technological world we now live in.  I'm writing a children's book with my oldest granddaughter, Samayya, who is nine.  We sat down and completed a few chapters and at the urging of Samayya, we revamped the book cover we had done in early spring.  Her concept and visualization of how she wanted the book cover to look like was so refreshing.

I'm working on several projects and looking forward to the release of my seventh novel in May.  I continue to mentor other aspiring authors which is so rewarding.  There is so much good talent out there, and I say there's room enough for everybody.

In 2012, be good to yourself and live your best life!


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