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Happy belated V-Day! E-mail
Happy belated Valentine's Day!  Valentine's Day makes me think of love, whether it's two people in a committed relationship, someone doing something nice for someone else, or that love that only one can receive from a parent.  

While I didn't have a significant other to celebrate on V Day with dinner and a movie, the most moving moment for me on V Day was when a young gentleman opened the door for me and carried my heavy purse to my office.  It was sooooooooooooooo sweet.  I felt special, and when he walked into the lobby of our outer offices, I told everyone he was my valentine.  Now, how special was that?

I'm in the process of writing some short stories, and because of my experience on V Day, I decided to write my own Valentine's Day story.  It's a love story that will make you smile.  I have a working title for now, but I'll share the whole thing with you in the near future.

If you celebrated V Day, I hope you received all the candy and flowers you could hold in two hands and were treated extra special in the evening.  However you celebrated, remember love is shown in many forms.  Hug someone today and tell them you were thinking about them, that you care about them or you love them.  Speaking of love, RIP Whitney Houston.  You were loved.


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