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My new baby has arrived E-mail
It's here.  At the End of the Day, the long-awaited sequel to Nothing Stays the Same, is now in stores.   Each year, I've been blessed to have published a new suspense novel for my loyal fans.  The great part about it is that I love to write.  I enjoy conjuring up emotions and discontent.  I love the love/hate relationships that appear in my stories.  And I love that after you've gone around one corner, another mystery awaits at the next juncture.

atendofday_300_thumbWith all of that said, there are things I had to do to prepare the way for the release of my novel.  It's called marketing.  Sometimes it entails a speaking engagement in which I share tidbits about my book.  Other times I'm participating in a radio interview to get the word out.  When I'm not participating in either of the aforementioned things, I'm sending out postcards to let everyone know that my novel is due to arrive at any moment and for you to go out and get your copy.

I'm thrilled about the release of At the End of the Day.  I promise that before you finish the book, you'll be grabbing your chest or shedding a tear.  There's nothing like human emotion.

I'll be signing at Barnes and Noble in Fayetteville on June 1st at 7 p.m. and at Ft. Bragg Main Exchange on June 2nd at noon.  For other engagements, please see my calendar of events.

Thank you for your past support.  Don't forget your copy of At the End of the!


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