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At the End of the Day, my long-awaited sequel to Nothing Stays the Same, is off to a good start.  I'd like to thank each and every one of you who purchased a copy, either in the store, on Amazon or downloaded it on your Kindle or Nook.  That means the world to me, and I promise to keep writing those fantastic novels you've come to expect.

What's next on the horizon?  The third book in my Behind the Veil series will release in May 2013.  It is titled, In My Rearview Mirror.  The major characters will be the Myles family-Jefferson, Margo, and their children.  And fan favorite, Malik, will return with more drama.  This book will have a political overtone, and in the months to come, I'll share a little more about the book.

I've had many requests to write the order they should read my books.  I have two series and two single books.  I will list the below the order in which each series should be read.

 Series 1 
Behind the Veil
Déjà vu  
In My Rearview Mirror (2013)

 Series 2
Nothing Stays the Same
At the End of the Day

 Single Selections
A Love So Deep

I will have knee-replacement surgery in a few days, which means while I'm recuperating, I'll have time to write.  My plan is to work on the edits for In My Rearview Mirror, read some books I haven't had time to digest, and write, write, write.  I'm somewhat looking forward to it.

Thank you again for your support.  And if you haven't purchased your copy of At the End of the Day, why not do it today.  Love you all.


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