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Iím a Silver Bullet baby E-mail
I’m a Silver Bullet baby…  That’s a line in a song my son penned for my latest novel, Silver Bullets.  If you haven’t met Queenie Jackson, Emma Wilcox, Connie Maxwell, and Yolanda Maxwell Morris, you’re missing a treat.  These are the vivacious, crazy, off-the-chain ladies from Silver Bullets who do whatever your imagination allows to spice up their love lives.  I didn’t say that they were all over fifty, did I?

You can still be fabulous, fierce, and sexy no matter your age.  Queenie Jackson gets her first tattoo.  Dare I say where?  Emma Wilcox needs to spice up her marriage.  Did I say anything about in almost her birthday suit?  Connie Maxwell is still waiting for the man of her dreams—her man for the past three years—to put a ring on it?  Did I say she had to break out the whips and chains to convince him?  And Yolanda Maxwell Morris is newly divorced and done with men.  That’s until Mr. Illya Newsome drops onto her radar screen.  Ooh-la-la.

These women deserve their own Real House of Raleigh franchise on BRAVO television.  If you haven’t picked up your copy of Silver Bullets, what are you waiting on?  In stores now.

I’m a Silver Bullet baby…


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