Happy New Year 2015 E-mail
Happy New Year! I look forward to an inspiring year of new things, new ways of doing things, and, of course, the release of my next novel, Hollywood Skye. I’d like to thank all of my readers for your continued support and the timely messages that communicated your love of my writing.

I’ve been busy writing and traveling. A portion of my upcoming novel takes place in Los Angeles, a city that I’m somewhat familiar with, growing up as a Cali girl from the Bay Area. In delivering the best fiction to my readers, I have to breathe and put my pulse on the things I write about. So I ventured to L.A. to do some research in order to obtain a more accurate image of the things that will appear in this novel.

Hollywood Skye is about a young woman who’s lost in a world that she can’t control but seeks to find herself and live a life beyond the confinement of the small town of Junction City, KS. The story begins as Skye Taylor loses her father, her idol, to the senseless war in Afghanistan. She is at odds with her grieving mother and feels that she needs to get away from the existence she now lives in. So she coerces a soldier she’s only known for a couple of weeks to marry her and heads out west with the soldier to his next duty station in Washington State. But she soon finds out that she’s in a marriage from hell and gets on a bus and heads to Los Angeles.

Alone and with little money, Skye is befriended by a young lady she meets at the bus station. Given this lifeline, she decides she wants to act and gets some help from her new friend. But Skye isn’t equipped for the big city life of L.A., and she succumbs to the newcomer’s pitfall of trusting too much. And one bad decision after another may cost her life.


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