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Help for Budding Writers E-mail
My advice to all new writers as you embark on your literary journey is these three things:  get a dictionary, a thesaurus, and a Chicago Style Manual.    These tools are essential elements for a writer and you'll find that writing will be a lot easier.

Whatever word-processing application you use, i.e., WordPerfect or Word, they are equipped with the ability to spell check a word or provide a synonym.  However, you can't rely solely on it because spell-checker will not be able to determine if you've used the correct spelling of a word that sounds the same.  The Chicago Style Manual provides guidance for the correct usage of punctuation and other items an editor would look for.

It is also a good idea to establish a writing library - self-help books on the how-to's of writing.  Several books to get you started and some of my personal favorites are The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman; Beginnings, Middle and Ends by Nancy Kress; and Writing Dialogue by Tom Chiarella.  You'll find these very helpful.  You might want to add some books on how to write fiction, non-fiction, and books that pertain to the genre you're writing in.  Genre is the type or category of literature to include romance, sci-fi, mystery, biography, erotic or just mainstream fiction. 

Well I hope this gets you started.  Remember to write every day to get you in the habit of doing it.  And if you write every day, in 365 days, you'll more than likely turn out that best-seller you always talked about writing.  Happy writing!

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