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Life sometimes throws you curve balls, but it’s what you do on the receiving in. You can either get up or waddle in your misfortune. It’s been a while since I’ve put out a book, but I’m pleased to let my readers know that my latest, Two Down: The Inconvenient Truth is out now on Amazon. I self-published this baby, and it won’t be readily available in book stores.

I’m an author with ten (10) published novels and one (1) pre-teen book. I am a pro at marketing my wares. And this book is now different. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or just receive emails from me, you are already aware that I’ve got something new out that I consider a good read. I try never to let my readers down.

A synopsis of the book is on my website at From my website, you can go straight to Amazon to order an ebook or print copy. Thank you for continuing to support my dream of being an author. I couldn’t have done without you.

Author Suzetta Perkins


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